International Journal of History and Philosophy of Medicine

International Journal of the History of Medicine (IJHM) is a peer-reviewed journal with an international advisory board dedicated to the history of medicine and life sciences. The official language of the journal is English. Authors are encouraged to register through the journal website and submit their manuscripts online. All accepted articles will be fully published online immediately. Published articles will be printed in a single volume at the end of each year. There is no charge associated with submitting an article and publication in this journal. 

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Volume 1: 2011-2012

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Muhammad Mumin and his Famous Work “Tuhfat al-Muminin (The Gift of True Believers)” (17th Century AD) Abstract PDF
Farid Alakbarli, Esmira Hajiyeva
The Impact of World War I on the Medical Publications of “Ilustrovani List”, a Croatian Magazine Abstract PDF
Mislav Cavka, Tomislav Kelava, Jure Samardzic, Anton Glasnovic
Deep Venous Thrombosis: Hunter, Cruveilhier, Virchow, and Present-Day Understanding and Clinical Practice Abstract PDF
Paul S. Agutter, P. Colm Malone
Neuroscience, Metaphysics and Cerebri Anatome cui Accessit Nervorum Descriptio et Usus Abstract PDF
Daniel A. Casey
The Dawn of Clinical Medicine: Bronze Age Medical Practice in Egypt Abstract PDF
Siro I. Trevisanato

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Esmail Jorjani (1042-1137 C.E.) Abstract PDF
Mohammadali M. Shoja, Marios Loukas, R. Shane Tubbs